BSR morning podcast for Fri March 12, 2010

From the Franklin Hall newsroom on Friday, March 12th, I’m Steven Webster, and here’s what’s happening.

A settlement that could pay over six hundred million dollars to the World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers was reached yesterday. The settlement covers medical treatment for the estimated ten thousand construction and emergency workers who helped clean up the ground zero site. A federal judge is set to approve the agreement today.

Thirty-nine people are dead, and ninety-five injured today after a pair of suicide bombings in Pakistan. The attacks were directed at a military convoy patrolling RA Bazaar, a busy market place in Lahore. This is the second attack on military personnel in Lahore this week.

In Sports, the Kent State Men’s Basketball team was eliminated from the MAC tournament last night. The top-seeded Flashes were beaten by 9th-seeded Ohio University eighty-one to sixty-four. This is the second year in a row the Men’s Basketball team has lost in the MAC quarterfinals.

Today will be warm, with a high of sixty-one degrees, and a thirty percent chance of rain. This weekend will be rainy, with temperatures falling into the forties.

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For Black Squirrel Radio News, I’m Steven Webster, and that’s your news in a nutshell.