BSR morning update | March 3, 2010

Travis McClain

From the Franklin Hall News Room for Wednesday March 3, I’m Travis McClain and here’s what’s happening….

Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood, 32, was formally charged Tuesday for the shooting of two students at Deer Creek Middle School in Littleton, Colorado. Bruco has 15 charges against him which include attempted first degree murder, first degree assault, child abuse resulting in bodily injury and possession of a weapon on school grounds. His bond is set at $ 1 million dollars. The shooting happened on February 23, 2010 shortly after classes let out for the day when he wounded two eighth-graders before being subdued by a teacher. Deer Creek is two miles from Columbine High School where one of the deadliest school shootings happen in U.S. history. Now for the entertainment side of the news….

Rapper Lil Wayne had his sentencing date postponed once again on Tuesday. The reason for the postponement is due to a fire in the basement of the courthouse. They have not yet choose a new sentencing date. Lil Wayne had previously postponed his sentencing three weeks to allow dental work to be completed. In a different case Lil Wayne also faces felony drug possession and weapons charges in the state of Arizona. Now for the weather….

The high for today is 32 degrees with a low of 23 degrees and 30% chance of snow flurries…

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