BSR morning update for Wed. March 10, 2010

Travis McClain

From the Franklin Hall news room for Wednesday, March 10, I’m Travis McClain and here’s what’s happening….

The Chinese government is considering legislation that would make eating cats and dogs illegal. A ban on eating cats and dogs would show China has reached a new level of civilization says Professor Chang Jiwen. Eating dog meat is a long standing tradition in China. The Chinese government did ban selling dog meat during the Beijing Olympics at local restaurants and markets. If the law does pass a individual found breaking the law could face up to 15 days in prison and a small fine. If a business is found selling the meats they could risk fines up to $73,500. Could take as long as a decade to pass such a law. Now for the other side of the news…..

Sequel to “Phantom of the Opera” opens on London. The play Love Never Dies takes place 10 years after the end of the first play. The setting is New York’s Coney Island and still besotted with beautiful soprano Christine Daae. Webber had been developing this show since 1997. Now for the weather….

The weather for today is a high of 57 degrees with a low of 41.

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