Kent graduate still seducing Cindy

Lauren Vogel

Kent State graduate, Eric Chine, has made it as one of the final three bachelors on the Fox Reality Channel’s “Seducing Cindy.”

Chine was one of 24 men who have been vying for supermodel Cindy Margolis’ heart. Friends and family will join Chine to watch him in the season finale Saturday at 9 p.m., at the Seducing Cindy Final Episode Party at the Water Street Tavern.

Throughout the series, Chine and the other men have gone through several competitions to impress Margolis. Among these tasks were cooking at her brother’s restaurant, designing her intimate lingerie and impressing her 7-year-old son Nicholas when he appeared on the show.

Leighton Stultz, another of the three finalists, will be joining Chine at the viewing party.

— Lauren Vogel