Cheers and Jeers for March 10

DKS Editors

Cheers and Jeers

This week’s cheers and jeers.


• Cheers to the university for holding a session yesterday to discuss what to do when someone enters a classroom with a gun. Campus safety is always important, especially in light of yesterday’s shooting at Ohio State.

• Cheers to the Kent State men’s basketball team for clinching the Mid-American Conference regular-season championship with a 74-61 win Friday over Akron. Good luck to the Flashes in this week’s MAC Tournament.

• Cheers to the Kent State researchers who recently discovered the heaviest anti-matter ever found. The discovery puts researchers one step closer to understanding the universe’s Big Bang Theory.


• Jeers to the university for not working to fix vandalism and neglect problems in properties it owns off-campus. If university officials have plans for these properties, they should take better care of them.

• Jeers to the low voter turnout for the Undergraduate Student Government elections held yesterday. Students should have taken more of an interest in the elections because the results will affect them directly if they’re on campus next year.

• Jeers to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for calling the Sept. 11 attacks a “big lie” perpetrated by the U.S. to justify the war on terror. The president’s comments are just the latest in his ongoing vitriol toward America.