Library and Information Science attracts graduates

Ryan Stainbrook

Program ranks top 20 in the nation

The School of Library and Information Science graduate program at Kent State has been recognized as one of the best in the nation.

“We are one of the largest programs in the United States,” said Dr. Richard Rubin, dean of the school of library and information sciences. “And we are the only one accredited by the American Library Association in Ohio.”

The School of Library and Information Science graduate program was recently ranked number 20 in the nation by U.S News and World Report in 2009.

U.S News and World Report arrives at a school’s rank by sending out surveys to different schools across the nation and having the dean, program director and a senior

faculty member grade other schools performances.

“Every four to five years these rankings come out,” Rubin said. “We always fall somewhere in the top 20.”

Rubin said the school is proud of its high rank, despite not offering a doctrine program.

Trent Roberts, an Ohio University graduate, chose Kent State for graduate school.

“Kent State is the only school in Ohio that offers a graduate degree in library sciences and information,” Roberts said. “It (the program) was way more than I expected. Everything that I learned here I can apply in my career.”

After completing the program in December, Roberts is now working with the school as a special project assistant and helping with recruiting.

“This profession is very rewarding if you’re interested in helping others,” Roberts said. “You’re really able to work with everyone and help them solve their problems.”

Elizabeth Ellison, clerical specialist, helps students, from undergraduates to graduates, throughout the program

“It’s a pretty diverse group.” Ellison said. “Our student body is largely local, but we do have quite a few international students. I think the fact that it is a specialized program draws a lot of attention to us.”

Along with the attention the school gets nationally, Ellison also said she feels the strong faculty attracts students.

“I think our faculty is well-known,” Ellison said. “Many of them have made different contributions to the field. I know that a lot of students come here for that reason.”

Rubin said being accredited is nice, but doing the best they can is what the school of library and information sciences strives for.

“Although we take pride in the ranking, we take a lot of pride in the program,” Rubin said. “We are constantly trying to improve and do the best job we can.”

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