Old school gym gives students chance to relive past

Michelle Bair

Students prefer dodgeball over other activities

Students can look back to their childhood gym classes, free of charge, through Kent Student Center Programming.

Kevin Pospichel, a senior physics major, said that he always had fun in gym class back in the day.

“Not the whole ‘let’s do a pull-up’ part…but the fun parts,” he said. “Like dodgeball.”

Pospichel, co-student manager for KSCP, said he came up with the idea of Old School Gym Class.

Freeze tag, sharks ‘n minuets, dodgeball and steal the bacon are some of the games on hand for participants.

It happens twice a month, every other Wednesday, from 8 to 9:30 p.m. in room 153 of the Gym Annex.

“It’s really fun,” he said. “And attendance is increasing each week.”

Pospichel said they use softer balls for dodgeball “so it’s not intimidating.”

He also said there is a tentative list of ideas for every class, but the students can decide what they want to do when they get there.

“We cover the rules in the beginning and have fun for about an hour and a half,” Pospichel said. “It’s a pretty loose agenda.”

Tonight’s schedule includes knockout basketball and Four Square, so students have a couple options to keep in mind.

Pospichel said he came up with the idea of Old School Gym Class at the KSCP’s annual brainstorming retreat.

He said they got lunch and went bowling as a way to bond and figure out new activities that are fun and interesting to students.

“Every semester we like to do something different,” said Event Staff Programmer Elise Miller, a sophomore special education major.

She said the only events that KSCP continues to do each semester are the ones with good turnouts, like movies in the Kiva, Black Squirrel Festival and Rock the Runway.

“We probably won’t offer Old School Gym Class again next semester,” Miller said.“This is just something extra.”

She said students have the opportunity to play anything they want, “but they usually end up playing dodgeball,” Miller said with a giggle. “One week, there were 14 people in attendance, so we played seven on seven and had a really good time.”

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