Museum celebrates 25th anniversary

Nicole Nisson

Today, the museum features more than 40,000 pieces from the collections of high fashion, historic costume and decorative arts.

“In a given calendar year, we have 12 different exhibitions on view,” said Jean Druesedow, director and coordinator of the museum. “We have six different exhibitions now, for example.”

” alt=”” title=”Deanna Turcotte, sophomore fashion design major, prepares a mannequin for the 25th anniversary of the Kent State University Museum. SAM VERBULECZ | DAILY KENT STATER” class=”caption” />

The museum staff and several regional companies assemble to host a series of events throughout Ohio, including Katherine Hepburn’s exhibition, on display Oct. 2 in correspondence to the anniversary.

“Hepburn’s clothes were given by her estate directly from her closet,” said Jim Harris, partner of marketing and public relations firm H/L Communications. “One-thousand items were given ranging from makeup, to hair pieces, to false eyelashes, to complete outfits.”

The exhibit will be on display for the university and community until Feb. 13, 2011.

“We offer students the opportunity to study pieces in the collection — a rare opportunity for undergraduates to do so,” Druesedow said. “We offer visitors a changing panorama of exhibitions on special themes.”

The world’s most prominent fashion designers and artists showcase their work in eight galleries with interchangeable exhibitions.

“Many of the costumes that are on display are really done by the top designers of time,” Harris said. “There are some really wonderful exhibits. We’re hoping more people realize that and visit the museum.”

— Nicole Nisson