BSR morning update l Mon. Feb. 22, 2010

Ryan Collins

From the Franklin Hall Newsroom on Monday February 22nd, I’m Steven Webster, and here’s what’s happening…

The Kent State grad student who was assaulted in downtown Kent last month died yesterday. John T White had been in intensive care at Akron City Hospital since the January 23rd assault. John H. Ragin Jr, the man accused of the assault, is in jail awaiting trial.

And now, for the latest on health care, here’s Ryan Collins.

Thanks, Steven.

President Obama’s new plan for healthcare is to be revealed today. The plan will include a proposal to keep insurance companies from making large premium increases. The plan is said to try to put together two different bills passed in the House of Representatives and the Senate. A healthcare meeting televised across the country will take place on Thursday.

And for the latest from Vancouver, we go back to BSR’s Steven Webster

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In Vancouver, the US Men’s Hockey team scored a surprise victory over Canada last night, winning five to three. With the win, the US team earns a bye into the quarterfinals on Wednesday. This is the first time the United States men’s hockey team has beaten Canada in the Olympics since 1960.

And with today’s weather, we go back to BSR’s Ryan Collins

Tonight, the chance of precipitation is 60% with a low of 28. Tomorrow there is a 30% chance of snow with a high around 33.

And with the concert calendar, we go back to BSR’s Steven Webster

Ani Difranco will be playing the Kent Stage tomorrow night. The show starts at 8, and tickets start at $36.

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