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From the Franklin Hall newsroom for Monday, February 15, I’m Ryan Collins and here’s what’s happening…

Sew Your Love for Haiti was a fashion show on Kent State’s campus that raised money for Haiti. The show was this weekend. All of the proceeds went to UNICEF regarding the recent Haitian earthquake. The first place winner was forty-three-year-old Charlie Dale.

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Speaking in Qatar, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States believes Iran is moving towards becoming a military dictatorship. According to Clinton, the United States was tailoring a new set of United Nations sanctions targeting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. She said the new strategy was based on the administration’s branding of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard as an “entitled class” that is the principal threat in Iran.

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“We Are The World” has been re-recorded with a new music video. 85 artists sing in the new version of the song that was originally written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson. The proceeds will go to Haiti.

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Today’s high will be twenty nine degrees, with a possible one to two inches of snow falling this afternoon. There will be another two to four inches this evening, with a low temperature of twenty degrees.

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On Thursday, February 25th, Ashley Brooke Toussant will be on Pregaming with Brittany and Whitney. It will go from 8-10pm.

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