Students not all fans of iPad fad

Kaylee Remington

Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently announced the newest tablet computer, the iPad.

The device has many features, some of which are e-mail, Internet, videos, iTunes, and a new application for e-books. Its physical features are sleek with a 9.7 inch screen that supports glossy spreads.

It is 0.5 inches thick and only 1.5 pounds. The iPad features the new Apple iBookStore that shows a realistic bookshelf with titles shown on the binding. Those who own an iPad will be able to read reviews of books and receive downloadable samples.

While the advancement of Apple’s technology is rapidly evolving, some faculty members don’t see Kent students catching on.

“I don’t see the tablet taking off at this point,” said Paul Albert, executive director of Information Services.

Albert remembers owning something similar to the iPad a few years ago, but didn’t use all the features on it. He said there are always new interesting features in technology, but devices like the iPod and the iPhone are still around.

Verna Fitzsimmons, associate professor of technology, agrees that the iPad won’t be much of a fad but rather more general technology.

“Technology in general is a fad because it is constantly changing,” she said. “It’s always the thing to have the latest and greatest.”

Fitzsimmons doesn’t know if students will have the money to purchase the iPad. She thinks a student would only buy it if they were “in the market for one.”

But Andrew Krall, freshman flight technology major, said he wouldn’t buy the iPad even if he had the money to do so. The price for the iPad ranges from $499 to $829.

Another student thinks the iPad is redundant technology and resembles other devices.

“I already have the kindle,” Cathy Nagy, sophomore English major, said. “It’s kind of like the iPad.”

Nagy said because Apple is always coming up with new devices, it doesn’t make sense to keep up with the latest technology.

“I’m not a big technology person,” she said. “As long as I have something that works, I don’t care.”

Senior marketing major Kyle Sumpter said he used to own an Apple laptop and two desktops before coming to school and would purchase an iPad if he had the money.

“I’m a fan of Apple products,” he said.

Sumpter likes to follow Apple’s newest products and would buy the iPad because it’s something “new and cool to use.”

Everything the iPad does Sumpter has already experienced with his other Apple devices, but he is excited about the touch screen. He has owned his own Apple laptop since he started college.

According to the Apple Web site, the iPad will be available for purchase in late March. Included with it will be 12 new applications designed specifically for the iPad. Owners will still be able to use the 140,000 or so apps already available from Apple.

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