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From the Franklin Hall News Room Wednesday February 17, Im Jennifer Bellissimo and Here’ s what’s happening.

So you may dislike a certain professor, but is it right to post these feelings on Facebook? One Flordia student used the social networking site to create a negative page about her teacher. Now she is fighting on the account of Freedom of Speech after being suspended. The page read “Ms Sarah Phelps is the worst teacher I have ever met” Internet experts and free-speech advocates are watching the case as the student seeks to dismiss her suspension.

If you have been following the developments in Haiti, BSR’s Conner has more for you.

This Morning, Nicolas Sarkozy became the first French President to visit the former French colony of Haiti since its independence was gained nearly two centuries ago. During his visit to Haiti today, Sarkozy announced his plans to contribute 100 Million Euros (about $136 Million) to the Haitian Aid effort. He is reportedly the first European head of state to personally travel to Haiti since the earthquake in January.

Back to Jen for an Olympic events update.

Onto your sports news, the Olympics have been going on strong in Vancouver. Germany is currently in the lead with a medal count of 9, just ahead of the United States with 8. France and Canada follow closely behind. A variety of events are scheduled for tonight, so plan on tuning in if you’re interested to follow these winter sports.

With all the talk on these winter sports, let’s take a look if there’s any more snow tonight with Conner.

It’s about 28 degrees and cloudy outside this afternoon. Temperatures are expected to stay steady in the upper 20’s throughout the rest of the day. We have 10-15mph winds from the west. After plenty of snowfall this morning, it’s died down for the most part. Additional snow showers are expected this evening, with a low of 29 degrees.

What’s happening in the local entertainment scene tonight, Jen?

Tonight Marc Cohn will perform at Kent Stage tonight from -9pm. Tickets are on sale for $30.

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For Black squirrel Radio news, I’m Jennifer Bellissimo, that’s your news in a nutshell.