It’s time to ‘Goooh’

Tom Zawistowsk

Have the students on your campus ever heard of “Goooh?” Pronounced “Go,” like other odd-sounding disruptive technologies with names like Google and Skype, iPod and iPhone, and if you’re as old as I am, Xerox, Goooh at first makes no sense to older citizens. But I’ll bet your student readers will understand it and connect with it like they do all cool new technological solutions. “Goooh” is a system whose goal is to replace all 435 members of the US House of Representatives this year with citizen representatives instead of politicians. When 40 seats is considered a “huge turnover,” replacing all 435 members in one year sounds impossible — particularly when the current system is rigged so that 94 percent of incumbents normally win.

But a team of young technical people from Austin, Texas, have used technology to design a better, more efficient method of finding and electing citizen representatives instead of politicians to run our government. Without the need for political parties. Without the need for the huge dollars that allow special interests to control our representatives. It is a political system without bias, which is devoid of politics. Where every citizen has an equal chance to be elected based on their ideas and values. A system that actually works. Sounds like everything that young voters want, doesn’t it?

“Goooh” Founder Tim Cox is next going to be in Cleveland tomorrow at the Holiday Inn at Rockside Road and I-77 for a demonstration at 6:30 p.m., and I hope many of your readers will attend. I cannot explain the entire system to you here. I can only tell you that it works much better than our current political system, and it will amaze you. Students will have to go to their website ( to understand the full program, and I urge them to do so.

I am simply writing to tell your student readers that our political future is “Goooh”, or something like it, because our political system is totally broken and cannot be fixed. It must be replaced and the sooner the better. This disruptive change will not and cannot come from within the political system. It has to come from an external source, and young people are going to make it happen.

If you don’t like the way our current government works (or doesn’t), through “Goooh” “We the people” can change it. And the establishment can’t do a thing about it, because it works within the rules. Who better than a bunch of computer geeks to remake democracy? I can only imagine that Benjamin Franklin, the original inventor/patriot, would be mighty proud of these new American Patriots!

Tom Zawistowski is president of the Portage County TEA Party.