Valentine’s day on-campus

Michelle Bair

Take advantage of on-campus opportunities for Valentine’s Day.

Single or in a relationship, students can take advantage of opportunities on campus for Valentine’s Day.

Single or in a relationship, students can take advantage of opportunities on campus for Valentine’s Day.

Freshman Kaitlin Bayda, a special education major, said she is going to make chocolate covered strawberries with her friends.

“We just get the strawberries and Hershey’s chocolate from the market (at Eastway), and melt the chocolate in the microwave,” Bayda said. “Then we just lay everything out on a plastic bag in our dorm room. We make chocolate covered pretzels too.”

Also in Eastway’s lower lounge, is “Bead it. Glue it. Write it.” Students can express their creativity without the hassle of paying for crafting supplies, which are provided by Kent Student Center Programming. It takes place every other Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m.

Freshman Kelly Mayreis, a zoology major, said she made a “cute” card for her boyfriend using stickers, markers and scrapbook paper this past Tuesday.

“We have been dating for two years,” she said.

While Mayreis made her boyfriend’s card, she reminisced about a Valentine’s Day she will never forget.

“This one Valentine’s Day a boy gave me a hamster, but it died the next day. I think it was a sign,” she said giggling. “It was so snowy and cold outside, kind of like it is now. I think it actually killed the hamster! Don’t get me wrong, I love animals…but it is kind of funny now.”

Freshman business major Devin Faiella decided to bead it while discussing her plans for the holiday.

“I’m making something for myself for Valentine’s Day,” she said. “Just a fun little bracelet…Valentine’s Day, ‘Schm-alentine’s Day,’” she joked.

“It’s a man-made holiday,” said Kasai Carter, freshman communications major.

“They should plan more stuff like this (Bead it. Glue it. Write it.) on campus during Valentine’s Day for people who don’t have significant others, to keep the depression rate down (laughs)…but I’ll probably spend that holiday with my girlfriends.”

Such festivities are in-store this weekend on campus.

In the Rathskeller tonight is Tasteful Temptations Valentine’s Showcase, presented by Exquisite Inc. Modeling Troupe & Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Students can behold singers, poets, tasteful lingerie and a walk-off contest with a prize for the best runway walk. Safe sex will be emphasized as well. It will be from 7 to 10 p.m. and there will be a cover charge of $3.

Kent Student Center Programming has arranged an event Saturday that can be satisfying regardless of relationship status and sex, A Valentines Day You Both Can Live With.

“Basically, we are offering for free: pastries, chocolates and other goodies in room 204 of the Kent Student Center,” said Marketing Coordinator Jennifer Gunnoe.

“This is from 7 to 8 p.m. Then the 8 p.m. Early Bird movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, will follow.”

Gunnoe said the idea is that students could have a date night with a little something exciting for both the guy and girl.

“The girl might like the little party with the cute food and then the guy would like the ‘man movie,’” she said. “Of course, either the pastries or the movie would be fun to attend without a date – think girls’ night out!”

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