Style Eye on Kent | Feb. 25, 2010

Remah Doleh

With the death of the legendary designer Alexander McQueen, New York Fashion Week started out with sorrow in the air last week. But despite the loss, fashion week had to go on. Simon Spurr, Marc Jacobs and Thom Browne rocked New York’s Fashion Week with a taste of innovation and creativity.

Spurr’s collection represents the modern-day Englishman. His collection dominated the runway with a variety of double-breasted everything: blazers, topcoats, pea coats and even leather jackets; it was a double-breasted extravaganza. The runway was bombarded by all different colors: purple, pink, blue, gray, brown. Fall 2010 will be a colorful season.

Thom Browne is a rebellious, American designer known for his outside-the-box antics. He exploded on the runway with his exaggerated proportions in hopes of accomplishing a sense of luxury. Browne challenges us as the viewer to decipher his puzzling designs. His collection included an array of overcoats, some with fur and others with raccoon tails (yes, raccoon tails). Other pieces included his signature shrunken three-piece suits and sweater dresses. Thom Browne never fails to deliver a strong, yet interesting, theatrical performance.

Marc Jacobs, shall I say more? Marc Jacobs released his menswear line in 1994, but in 2001 he released “Marc by Marc Jacobs,” a line that targets a slightly younger generation. Jacobs, the creative director of Louis Vuitton, mixed a range of earth tones in his fall 2010 line. Ignoring a fitted silhouette, Jacobs revealed a more formal look, derailing from his collegiate look in previous seasons. The runway was filled with oversized cardigans, Goth-inspired trench coats and brilliantly tailored suits. Jacobs continues to be the critics’ favorite.

As I wrapped up my journey in New York City, I came across Max Kessler of San Francisco. Kessler is the Style Eye of the week. His outfit is all about the fit; he perfectly highlights his silhouette.

RD: What is your interpretation of style?

MK: Collecting things that you think you can wear for a long time and that also make you feel good.

RD: Where do you believe is the most fashionable city?

MK: I would have to say New York, definitely.

RD: Explain what you are wearing.

MK: Right now, I am wearing a scarf from a thrift store, a coat by Jil Sander, skinny jeans by Number (N)ine and shoes by Prada.

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