Livin’ the shore

Cassandra Adams

Bring out the video camera and suddenly people get crazy.

Kent State students and the cast of Jersey Shore had this in common last Thursday at 157 Lounge as students got a chance to take center stage, mimicking their favorite Guido or Guidette character.

The bar was filled with fake tans, flashy clothing and hair gel. One girl won VIP status at the bar for the night for having the highest poof.

The Shore-like party atmosphere had alumnus Ray Campbell hyping the crowd and a DJ playing upbeat music as students danced and mingled.

“The Situation” brought out students in their Jersey gear to celebrate the popularity of the recently aired MTV reality television show, which ended its first season last week.

MTV announced on Jan. 29 that the second season, consisting of 12 episodes, was ordered and will air this summer.

For the second season, the original cast will be moved from the chilly northeast to a destination unrevealed.

While the harbor remains a mystery, it’s no secret fans are excitedly waiting to tune in for more drama, Jersey Shore parties and — of course, more fist pumping.

How to throw a Jersey Shore party:

• Put up beach-themed decorations to get that Shore vibe

• Give guests glow sticks at the door 

• Specify no entrance unless they have Jersey Attire, which includes, but is not limited to: ripped shirts, Affliction tees, sunglasses, Bumpits, revealing outfits, heels, hair extensions and hair gel.

• Play the Jersey Shore soundtrack, A.K.A. fist-pumping music

• Give awards for highest bump, best fist pumping and best Guido and Guidette.

• Jager Bombs, Jager Bombs, Jager Bombs! Enough said.

• Make Ron-Ron Juice, a special blended cocktail containing watermelon, cranberry juice and booze.

Can’t wait for this summer to get your Jersey Shore fix? Watch the Jersey Shore Marathon on Sunday, which will be running all day up to the Super Bowl.

Understanding the lingo

Juice head- Guido who uses steroids

Battlefield- dance floor at a club

Smooshing- hooking up

Grenade or Grenade Launcher – An unattractive friend of a girl you are trying to creep on.

Robbery- The act of stealing a girl from another guy women.

Get your own Jersey Shore nickname


MTV’s Jersey Shore— Kent style


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K-Walking: Jersey Shore extra edition


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