AUDIO: La Vérité drummer and full-time student

Sarah Spaulding

Rogers balances school, girlfriend, work and band

He attends Kent State, works a part-time job, has a girlfriend in Columbus and records and tours with his Youngstown-based ambient, post-rock band La Vérité. Philosophy major Adam Rogers doesn’t just have a full plate, it’s overflowing; yet, somehow, he finds time for it all.

“It’s my fourth semester and I’ve been in a band the whole time, so I’ve had time to schedule my classes efficiently,” he said. “It’s tough, but you make time. School stays Monday through Thursday. That’s school time, and if anything bleeds over, I take care of it when I have to.”

On the weekends, Adam commutes between Kent, Columbus and Youngstown to visit his girlfriend and practice with his band.

The band includes Adam (drums), his brother, Andrew Rogers (guitar), Derek Winkle (bass) and Douglas Thorp (guitar). Although Andrew and Thorp are still at McKinley high school in Niles, OH and Winkle attends Youngstown State, they still find time to practice, play shows and record.

“We set up a practice schedule around when we have priorities, like sessions in the studio,” Adam said. “If we have a weekend full of shows, I’ll come home and we’ll practice all week. We’re going to practice as much as we can.”

According to Winkle, the time apart is even kind of helpful.

“Being spread out slows things down, which means we have more time to think of new ideas,” he said. “When we do get together we don’t waste any time exploring those ideas.”

For this reason, Andrew calls Adam’s absence “a blessing in disguise.”

Despite the distance, Adam and La Vérité have accomplished a lot in the few years that they have been together.

“Two years ago was a lot different. One year ago, it was a lot different. We’re just evolving all the time in our priorities and what’s going on, but right now, all four of us have separate lives. We just find time to come together for La Vérité,” Adam said. “We just did an album, and that’s coming out real soon. We’re going to have to play shows to sell the album, and I’m looking forward to that. Then we’re going to start writing, (but) it’s slow right now.”

They have a lot behind them and everything in front of them. No one in the band seems too certain of what is yet to be, but one thing is for sure: They’re not ready to give up just yet.

“I’m obviously optimistic but can only speculate,” Andrew said. “I can only ensure that, as long as we are still able, we (will) continue to produce music that comes from our hearts to your ears.”

Adam takes a broader perspective to keep all of his priorities in check.

“If you love something, whether it’s music or your girlfriend or your family or whatever, distance is an illusion and people get over it,” he said. “Love is an abstraction and if you truly love something in your life, you’ll make it work.”

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