BSR morning update | Wed. Feb. 17, 2010

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From the Franklin Hall news room for Wednesday, February 17, I’m Travis McClain and here’s what’s happening…

A body has been found in a carter at Mount Saint Helens. The body belonged to Joseph Bohlig.52, who fell into the crater on Monday when the cornice on which he was standing gave away causing him to fall 1,500 feet. A cornice is a mass of snow or ice projecting over a mountain ridge. Scott Salkovics told officials that Bohlig handed him his camera to take a photo with Mount Rainier in the background and when he took one more step he fell. The body was lifted out of the crater on Tuesday by a U.S. Naval helicopter and flew to Carson, Washington where the autopsy took place. Now for the entertainment side of the news…

Betty White is rumored to be a future host of Saturday Night Live. White stated she doesn’t even know where that rumor started from and that Lorne Michaels creator of SNL doesn’t even know about the rumors so there’s no point in worrying. The actress did say if she did receive a phone call from Michaels she would gladly accept provided her demanding schedule will allow. The movement was started on Facebook and is now some 331,000 strong and climbing. Recently the actress has made cameos in Super Bowl commercials to costarring in the romantic comedy ” The Proposal” and receiving the lifetime achievement award by the Screen Actors Guild.

The weather for today is a high of 29 with a low of 26 and snow showers.

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