‘Style gurus’ take note of on-campus fashion in blog

Nicole Nisson

Collegefashionista adds Kent State page

A fashion blog based in Vernon Hills, Ill., recently added a Kent State page to its Web site.

Twenty-three-year old Amy Levin, Collegefashionista.com’s founder and creative director, hand-selected “style gurus” to report and document fashion forward students on campus.

“Collegefashionista.com was started to give students the opportunity to share various fashion looks on their campus with students at other universities,” Levin said. “It is also a place where journalism students can express their fashion voice in the industry.”

More than 30 campuses with 100-plus writers offer style advice, fashion news and wardrobe forecasts on the Web site.

“I hope it will help students gain a better appreciation for fashion trends and original style,” said Stacey Thomas, Kent State’s head style guru and senior fashion merchandising major. “And perhaps encourage more students to step outside the box and express themselves more through their clothing.”

This fashion social network takes notice to daily street wear on campuses across the world.

“From runway shows to the girl sitting next to you on the bus, there are constantly fashion inspirations all around us,” said Melissa Levin, media relations contact for Collegefashionista.com.

“Just as fun as it is to experiment by taking different classes before deciding on a major, experimenting with personal style to see what works is an equally exciting process,” she said.

Amy said Collegefashionista.com is receiving positive feedback since it launched in August. It will continue to transform the sidewalk into the latest version of a runway.

“I think fashion is a way of expressing who you are. Not everyone wears knee-high boots the same,” Amy said. “Some students wear this look as a casual element to their classroom attire, while other students use knee-high boots for dressing up on the weekends. Individuality is key.”

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