BSR afternoon update l Thurs. Feb. 25, 2010

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Coming at you live from the Franklin Hall Newsroom its Thursday February 25th, I am Betz Rund, and here’s what’s happening.

Our parents always told us to stay in school when we were younger or else we would find ourselves on the wrong side of the law.

Well according to the San Antonio News, prison inmates are going back to school. The Wyndam School District has classrooms in prisons across the state of Texas.

“We make a very strong effort to make our schools look like schools,” said WSD Regional Administrator David Chagoya.

But make no mistake; the building is still a prison. Teachers help the inmates chose classes and areas of study that will benefit them in the long run, everything from drafting to college prep courses.

Clem Rocha, a teacher in the district explained that the emphasis is on finding new strategies that don’t work in public schools.

It’s best to stay bundled up tonight and into tomorrow as the snow will continue to fall through out the weekend.

This winter the snow has caused more its fair share of accidents, from car crashes to downed power lines, but a blizzard in Baltimore caused a sink hole to form in the yard of one resident.

Upon further inspection, homeowner Debra Pearson discovered that the hole lead to an underground building.

According to Pearson, its not just her house, but the whole block.

Looking for an early escape into the weekend, look no further. Tonight rappers Jay Sean and DJ Scrilla will be performing at the M.A.C. Center.

Tickets are $10 for students and one dollar of each ticket will go towards UNICEF.

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From the Franklin Hall Newsroom, I am Betz Rund, and that was your news in a Nutshell.