Police investigate assault on student

Kelly Byer

Kent City Police are still investigating the assault of a Kent State graduate student that occurred Saturday morning at 108 S. Water St., near the intersection of Main Street.

“Nobody’s been charged or arrested,” said Lt. Ray Stein of the Kent City Police.

There is only one offender suspected in the assault, according to the news release.

The victim, John White, 28, of Delaware is in serious condition at Akron City Hospital.

Morgan Marucco, White’s girlfriend, said he suffered head injuries and has brain swelling from the physical assault.

Marucco, a senior electronic media production major, said White had gone downtown to celebrate a friend’s birthday but was walking alone when the assault took place at 2:30 a.m.

Marucco said she was informed of the incident by White’s parents and hasn’t heard any additional information from the police.

“Something happened, we just don’t know what,” Marucco said.

Kent City Police ask anyone who may have witnessed the assault to call the police department at 330-673-7732.

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