Style Eye on Kent

Remah Doleh

For the next couple of weeks, Style Eye will be sharing the styles I have captured from my trip in New York. While in New York, I had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people from numerous parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. There is a certain touch to style that is seen in NYC. Details, innovation, uniqueness and effortlessness are what sums up the overall style captured from my trip.

I started Style Eye in the city. There are so many parts of the city I had to visit, such as Chelsea, Greenwich Village and Soho, to name a few. So I got right to work.

I hopped on the subway and got off at Broadway. There I was standing directly in the middle of the city, where streetwear originated (sure, you may argue with that, but it’s the truth). I clutched my camera, ready to take the city by storm, while of course occasionally slipping into a few shops — how could I resist? Style was everywhere.

It was in the walk, it was in their attitude, it was in the air. I discovered a group of friends, and each of them had a great sense of style. One particular person of the group really caught my attention, Donald Hobson, from the Bronx. From his cuffed jeans to his scarf-styled ascot and his purple pocket square, every piece of his outfit worked so well together. I was eager to learn more about the guy from the Bronx.

What is your personal interpretation of style?

“Style is an expression of everything you believe in. Me, personally, I don’t like to follow society’s rules, so I just do whatever feels good, and I try to be in contrast to whatever’s the cliché at the time.”

Please explain what you are wearing.

“I mixed prep and urban. I have my jeans cuffed up. I’m also wearing a blazer. I always tuck my scarf in; I like the way it looks. I like mixing colors and patterns, I’m wearing purple and plaid.”

Do you believe in the infamous fashion rules?

“No, there is no such thing of that. If you look in the mirror and you’re confident, then you walk out that door.”

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