State of the State focuses on creating jobs

Nicole Stempak

Gov. Ted Strickland focused his fourth State of the State address around bringing jobs to Ohioans.

Speaking this afternoon in Columbus, Strickland outlined plans and proposals to Ohio legislators that would create jobs using advanced energy technologies.

“There will come a day when Ohio will be the undisputed home of advanced energy,” Strickland said. “A day when we will have cast off those two tired little words that have been used to put us down: Rust Belt. Because that’s not who we are. A day when the iconic image of the Texas oil rig will be eclipsed by the Ohio-made wind turbine and solar panel.”

His agenda includes:

n establishing the Energy Gateway Fund using $40 million of federal and state stimulus funds to grow and sustain fuel cell, wind, solar and energy storage industries

n attracting wind and solar facilities to Ohio by eliminating tangible personal property tax to facilities that begin construction in 2010, produce jobs by 2012 and create Ohio jobs.

Strickland also announced plans for the state to support entrepreneurs and businesses and expand education, training and job opportunities for Ohio workers.

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