Style Eye on Kent

Remah Doleh

Credit: DKS Editors

Is there truly a set definition for fashion? There are so many different meanings for the term. I feel fashion is an evolving change in clothing, the in and outs of trends, the starting line for trendsetters. So we are left with the question, “Who is considered fashionable?” The answer is everyone. Everyone has his or her own interpretation of fashion, thus everyone is fashionable.

I often wonder where people find their inspiration for their style. I believe inspiration is everywhere. To me, inspiration is in streetwear fashion. Last year, I conducted a study on streetwear fashion and it’s impact on our society. Besides fabric, I learned that streetwear is the biggest inspiration to fashion designers. In a serendipitous way, designers have run into an ordinary person who they saw having a creative sense of style, then used him or her as the inspiration to their next season’s collection. Street fashion feeds our creative side. It sparks new ideas. So don’t hide behind style – shine through it.

Sophomore exploratory major Alex D’Amore is the Style Eye of the week. I absolutely loved how Alex mixed the seasons together by wearing his cutoff jean shorts while layering up with his hoodie and leather jacket for the cold weather. Alex audaciously stepped outside the box with this outfit.

Doleh: Do you believe in “fashion rules?”

D’Amore: No, I don’t. I think people should be able to wear whatever they want, whenever they want. I grew up going to a school where uniforms were mandatory so now I try to avoid wearing anything simply because it’s expected of me.

RD: Finish the sentence: “When it comes to style, one should…”

AD: .find what they are comfortable in and stick with it.

RD: I previously reported that style is not a price tag. Do you agree or disagree with that statement? Why?

AD: I completely agree. Most of my favorite clothes were bought from thrift stores or even given to me by my dad from his college days. Most expensive styles can be recreated with cheaper clothes. If you’re creative, you can make some very interesting styles with super cheap clothing.

RD: Explain your outfit.

AD: I am wearing a Charles & 1/2 faux leather jacket with Onitsuka Tiger yellow leather shoes, which are probably my favorite shoes I own. I got my blue stripe sweater from Goodwill and the shorts are from Urban Outfitters. I’m also wearing a fleece hoodie from American Apparel under my jacket for added warmth.

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