Hot or not: Kent State

DKS Editors

Stepping onto the field

Freshman exploratory major Danny Gress said his best experience was his first college football game. Gress is a redshirt freshman linebacker for Kent State. He said the feeling he got when running through the tunnel before the game against Coastal Carolina makes for a great Kent State memory.

A day of bliss

Sophomore finance major Casey Golden said his best experience at Kent State thus far was College Fest. Golden said he and his friends started the day early on College Street and continued partying until late that night. He said it was his best experience because he and his friends all got to hang out, drink and enjoy the eventful day safely.

Improving grades

Freshman speech pathology major Sarah Politi said her best experience was getting a good grade on her sociology test. She said she studied hard for it by going to every class, reading and taking notes. On the first test, she said she received a D, but then improved by a whole letter grade with each test, and her best score thus far is an 86 percent.

An unexpected “surprise”

Freshman Drew Hill said his best experience was seeing a naked girl in his residence hall. At about 4 a.m., Hill heard a lot of commotion outside his room. When he looked in the hallway, he saw a naked girl. He said he asked the girl if she needed help because she was clearly intoxicated, but she just looked at him like he was crazy.

Supporting a friend

Sophomore exploratory major Christina Offenberger said her best experience was driving three and a half hours to Western Michigan University with her roommate to watch the flight team competition. The team is now going to nationals in Indiana in March.

A confusing bus trip . all the way to Akron

Sophomore psychology major Chris Walls said his worst experience was taking the wrong bus to class his freshman year. Because he was new to campus and didn’t know exactly which bus would get him to class, he hopped on a random bus, hoping it was the right one. Unfortunately, it was not, and he ended up in Akron. He said the worst part about it was paying the dollar it cost him to get back to Kent.

Taking care of a friend

Freshman nursing major Taylor Mullan said her worst experience at Kent State was taking care of her friend on his 21st birthday. She said she had to pick up her friend from a bar, carry him to his room and give him water throughout the night to help him sober up. She said she thought he had alcohol poisoning since he was vomiting all night, but he ended up feeling better in a couple of days.

An unwelcome stranger

Freshman marketing major Andrea Camut said her worst experience was when her roommate woke her up in the at 4 a.m. because an intoxicated man with blood all over his face knocked on their door. Her friend slammed the door because she was scared, and when she did so, the man disappeared. Camut and her friend called the campus police and the police, who then found the man passed out in their residence hall.

An even more unwelcome stranger

Freshman integrated science major Sheridan Edwards said her worst experience at Kent State was when she woke up at about 4 a.m. to one of her roommates screaming. Her friend answered the door thinking it was her roommate who had been away, but soon saw that it wasn’t her at all. A drunk man she didn’t know forced his way into her room, hung out for awhile, and peed on her bed.

A mid-season injury

Freshman pre-med and biology major Ashley Espy said her worst experience at Kent was getting injured in field hockey and having to get knee surgery. She tore her ACL mid-season in a forward drill after only playing six games.She said she’ll be on crutches for 11 weeks, and will be unable to play the rest of the season.

Compiled by Whitney Chaffin