&bull Cheers to everyone who showed support for veterans yesterday. Veterans Day should be a time to honor the men and women, young and old, who serve our country – not just another day off.

&bull Cheers to Stephen Colbert on “The Colbert Report” for jeering the Kent Police Department’s use of a Taser on a Kent man trying to help people in his burning home Halloween weekend.

&bull Cheers to the coming of Thanksgiving, which is two weeks from today. We all need good food and relaxation to carry us through to the end of the semester.


&bull Jeers to the football team for losing to Akron, who was 1-7 heading into the Wagon Wheel rivalry.

&bull Jeers to costly overdraft fees that often penalize cash-strapped college students. Luckily, Chase Bank is changing its overdraft fees next year. We hope other banks follow suit.

&bull Jeers to gawkers flocking to Imperial Avenue in Cleveland to see Anthony Sowell’s home, where he allegedly killed 11 women whose bodies were found there. Let the authorities continue the investigation without distractions.