Wine pairings

Courtney Kerrigan

From red to white wines , Robert Morson, owner of Riverside Wine and Imports in Kent, offers his expertise when selecting the perfect drink to fit with your food.

Red Wine

“Wine is more particular,” Morson said. “Depending on the different types of food will determine what types of red wine you want.”

Morson said these foods go well with any red wine:

• Strong cheeses

• Pasta with red sauce

• Heartier meats such as steak, lamb and duck

• Pizza

• Deserts such as crŠme brule and cake

He recommends these specific combinations:

• Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot and


• Shiraz/Syrah and barbecued meats or sausages

• Red Zinfandel and hamburgers, venison or turkey

• Chianti and pork, veal, elk or venison

• Cabernet Franc and lasagna, Middle Eastern food or Greek food

White Wine

“White wine has a rule – it will go good with any fish,” Morson said.

Morson said these foods will go with any white wine:

• Strong and mild cheeses

• Appetizers

• Seafood such as crab, lobster, fish

• Desserts such as apple crisp with ice cream

He also recommended the following pairings:

• Pinot Grigio and pork, chicken

• Sauvignon Blanc – oysters, grilled fish, poultry or pasta with cream sauce

• Riesling (dry) – Asian food, poultry, pork or turkey

• Riesling (sweet) – turkey or chocolate

• Gewurztraminer – Asian food, poultry or pork

• Moscato – fruity deserts

• Viognier – poultry, pork or veal

• White Zinfandel – Asian and Cajun food or barbecued chicken

• Rosé – smoked foods, pork, ham, Mexican food or Tai food

-Courtney Kerrigan