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In response to the Nov. 9 editorial, “Outsourcing isn’t the answer” by the Daily Kent Stater editorial board:

“In addition to losing student jobs, four full-time staff members will lose their jobs. If the Chancellor wants to keep graduates in Ohio and bring other talent to Ohio, why are we outsourcing Ohio jobs to Kentucky?”


In response to the Nov. 10 column, “Colorific” by Thisanjali Gangoda:

“Loved the article (again). The beginning anecdote really set the stage for you to state your conviction. The whole idea of race as a divider between one human and another is definitely false, but we have to accept it is within all of us, consciously or sub-consciously. This is where parents need to step up, to not allow race to seep into their children’s brains as a means of determining one person’s worth from another’s worth. Parents need to understand their own biases (the racism that lies within) and seek to improve their children’s perceptions.”

-Chris Hook

In response to the Nov. 12 editorial, “Don’t use hate to raise awareness” by the Daily Kent Stater editorial board:

“Kent State sponsors the ‘Tunnel of Oppression.’ Are objections to Hillel’s signs merely a matter of taste? Or is raising awareness about anti-Semitism the real objection here?”

-Tunnel of Oppression

“Here’s an idea… how about instead of trying to “raise awareness” you work towards social justice. Many of the groups highlighted in the signs are still facing discrimination today. I’m not so sure your awareness campaign did much for their cause, though.”


In response to the Nov. 13 column, “Stand back Nancy, the Republicans have a plan.” by Frank Yonkof:

“This is all in preparation for Socialism and not about political parties. Read the history books. Capitalism has lasted and is now on its way out, because greed came to an irreversible head. There were people that understood how a society would function best. Read!”

-healthcare smealthcare