Cool class of the week: One-credit hour class can be a ‘walk in the park’

Jess Briganti

Brittany Ankrom | Daily Kent Stater

Credit: DKS Editors

Keeping a journal of what you eat and getting to explore new parts of campus twice a week can earn you one credit.

The class is Fitness Walking, and instructor Betty Kern maps out new routes for her class to adventure every week. Each student gets a pedometer when they enroll, which they are expected to wear to each class, and they’re also asked to keep a journal in which they track their food and activity habits throughout the semester.

“It makes them more aware of what they’re doing,” Kern said. “They’re more aware of healthy habits.”

The 50-minute class, made up of 30 students, usually consists of walking two or three miles – rain or shine.

Criteria of the class are attendance, the journal and an improvement in the students’ timed walks. Students have to document their time and steps taken for each walk.

Kern said she receives positive feedback, except when the students start to get tired from walking.

“The social component is good as we are just walking, and they have time to talk,” she said.

Jarrett Dowey, senior managerial marketing major, said he took the class because he needed an easy one-credit-hour course.

“I graduate in December,” Dowey said. “I come and blow off some steam.”

Sophomore nursing major Kacie Jones recommends this class because she likes that it forces her to exercise.

“I took this class to get the credit,” Jones said. “Even when I’m busy, I have to exercise.”

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