Daily Kent Stater’s Cheers and Jeers


• Cheers to the arrival of the H1N1 Vaccine for on-campus students. We hope it curbs the spread of the swine flu.

• Cheers to Kent State wide receiver Tyshon Goode for helping lead the football team to its third straight victory over Western Michigan on Saturday. Now let’s beat Akron!

• Cheers to the Portage County Drug Task Force for making its second on-campus drug bust this month. It’s good to see police making an effort to curtail drug use on campus.


• Jeers to those people responsible for letting the Kent Hotel fall into disrepair. The building could be a sharp feature of downtown. Instead, it’s an eyesore.

• Jeers to the three fires in Kent during the past week. Let’s all try to practice fire safety to prevent even more.

• Jeers to the 78 people arrested of cited during Halloween festivities Saturday night. The celebration is about having fun, not behaving badly.