Inside City Bank Antiques

Don Barrett has a unique hobby. During the week, he works as an investor at Barrett Financial Group, but, in the evenings and on Saturdays, he repairs antique pocket watches.

His wife runs City Bank Antiques, located on the first floor of the old city bank building while Barrett works on the second floor.

The store was opened as a result of Barrett’s unique talent and offers a wide varitety of anitque pocket watches, wrist watches, cuckoo clocks, jewelry, collectibles and more. Barrett says fixing pocket watches in the evenings is a better alternative to sitting and watching television.

He enjoys the contrast between working with stocks and investments during the day and fixing pocket watches at night.

However, losing one of the tiny parts of a pocket watch will put him in a bad mood all day. Still, he hopes to keep the lost art of fixing anitque pocket watches alive.