Do you have Kent State’s dirtiest, messiest dorm room?

Check out some dirty dorm rooms.

Finals are right around the corner and it’s almost Thanksgiving break. Clean dorm rooms haven’t been first on everyone’s priority list. Here are some students who live on campus and have higher priorities than daily cleanings.

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Sophomore psychology major Josh Ullom blames the mess in his room on his roommate, sophomore communications studies major Mark Horton.

“It’s a 60-40 mess,” Ullom said. “I’m the 40.”

The roommates don’t have a set cleaning schedule and clean at their own leisure.


Emily Brown, sophomore early childhood education major, said she thinks her desk is the messiest in her dorm room.

“I’m just busy all the time,” she said.

Brown and her roommate, sophomore nursing major Brittany Walter, clean their room whenever they get fed up with looking at their mess.


Amy Diaspro, sophomore fashion merchandising major, just transferred from Ohio University and admitted she’s the messier roommate.

“I don’t put my stuff away orderly,” Diaspro said. “My roommate has a place for everything.”

Diaspro said she’s taking 17 credit hours and doesn’t see cleaning as a priority. She said she has too much stuff for too little of space.

-Jess Briganti and Austin Corthell