Our View: Thank you for your answers and action

DKS Editors

Last Monday, we pleaded with the police and university to give us answers to make us all feel safer and prepared. We also begged students to be careful while they were on and off campus.

We’re pleased – thrilled – to learn that all sides have worked hard to make Kent safer.

Tuesday, police arrested four suspects in connection with the Nov. 22 on-campus robbery. Part of the reason they were able to make the arrests was because of security cameras. The other reason? A student tip.

Both the university and city police departments also made statements saying they are upping patrol in their respective jurisdictions. Both departments also said they don’t believe the recent crimes are at all linked – which could be a good thing, as the incidents just happened randomly, so we shouldn’t fear they will definitely continue.

One of the biggest steps taken was the conversation held at Oscar Ritchie Hall last Monday as university officials, students and university police came together to discuss safety following the recent incidents.

At the event, university police Lt. Robert Nation pointed out that students should take advantage of the security guards whose jobs are, in fact, to walk students from point A to point B safely. He also suggested students walk in groups and keep their cell phones handy.

Greg Jarvie, interim vice president for enrollment management and student affairs and dean of students, also mentioned, as we did, that students must not panic, but just be personally prepared for anything that could happen.

Now we’re back to school from Thanksgiving break, and we hope that life goes back to normal. No more assaults, no more robberies and no more fear. We have only a few more weeks before we go home to our families and – for some – only a few more weeks until we graduate. Let’s all make it a point to make these last few weeks of the semester, of 2010 and possibly our college careers a safe few weeks.

Besides, you don’t need anyone taking your wallet; we know perfectly well you still have to shop for gifts for the family.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board