A night at the bakery

Jess Briganti

Watch video from the bake shop.

Kent State students are responsible for baking the muffins, cookies and assorted goods made for dining locations on campus.

The Beall Bake Shop is located on the second floor of Beall and McDowell Hall, and it operates from 10:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. Monday through Sunday. The staff of about 20 students works different shifts, and they do everything from preparing and cooking the pastries to cleaning the kitchen afterward.

Pastry chef Tammy Hoegler said the employees don’t necessarily have baking experience.

“There are nursing and art majors working here,” Hoegler said. “Commitment is what’s important.”

Hosea Laktabai, senior accounting major, said he doesn’t mind working the midnight shift because he doesn’t have early classes.

“I like cooking and I’ve learned a lot,” Laktabai said. “I can now make cookies and muffins.”

Narkita Burrell, senior integrated health studies major, said she likes the convenience of working the late shifts because they are out of the way of her other activities.

“I like baking, and it’s perfect for me,” Burrell said. “I learn new things every day.”

– Jess Briganti