Their view: Vote “yes” on Issue 3

Ty Linder

A year ago, young people turned out in record numbers to decide the 2008 Presidential election. It was a refreshing sight, regardless of your political interest. This November, our state faces an equally important election.

A recent study by the Daily Kent Stater showed the majority of Kent State graduates remain in Ohio to work and live. We can all agree our state has seen better days in terms of its economic structure. On Nov. 3, we can help change that and point our state in the right direction.

Ballot Issue 3 will place four first-class casino and entertainment centers in the Buckeye State’s four biggest cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo. The sites for these facilities have been strategically selected so that other establishments dedicated to entertainment, dining and retail have the opportunity to open in the same area, creating an infrastructure that can jumpstart an ailing economy.

Many college graduates are struggling out of the gate to find employment in any state, more so in Ohio. If Issue 3 is passed, 34,000 jobs would be created. Personnel would be needed for construction of the casinos, jobs within the casinos and then in several developments that would imminently follow.

It’s impossible to go through an election season without seeing some kind of public school bond or levy issue on the ballot. If a yes vote is achieved on Issue 3, a total of $651 million of the projected $1.7 billion in generated revenue would be distributed among counties and school districts in Ohio – annually. The tax on gaming dollars in the proposed Ohio casinos would be the fourth highest in the country, by far the most aggressive and beneficial casino plan our state has ever seen.

A number of years ago, Dan Gilbert purchased the Cleveland Cavaliers, who seemed on the verge of disappearing into irrelevance. A couple breaks here and there, a true belief and interest in the city of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio and, well, we all know how things have turned around.

If you are happy with what Mr. Gilbert has done with the Cavaliers and plan to remain in Ohio for work, school or play, please join me in voting yes for Issue 3.

Ty Linder is a video and boadcast assistant for the athletic department and guest columnist for the Daily Kent Stater.