Sports staff selects their favorite sports movies of all time

You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy sports movies. Many have lessons and storylines that can translate to even the most sports-challenged person. Here, the sports staff discusses their favorites.

“White Men Can’t Jump” What other sports movie references John Keats, Jimi Hendrix and Sizzler? Endlessly quotable and full of smack talk, “White Men Can’t Jump” is an excellent dissection of the world of competitive street hoops as well as the male psyche.

-Thomas Gallick, sports editor

“Rookie of the Year” I’m a huge Chicago Cubs fan, and this movie is the birthplace of the greatest character in movie history, Chet “The Rocket” Steadman.

-Jake Kauffman, sports correspondent

“Rudy” He had an unstoppable spirit. He never gave up even though he was short. And how he only played for like a minute and got carried off the field is epic.

-Brian Thursby, sports reporter

“Cinderella Man” It’s the perfect riches-to-rags-to-riches story. Great acting and a Rocky-esque storyline makes this the best boxing movie since “Raging Bull.”

-Josh Johnston, assistant sports editor

“The Mighty Ducks” Emilio Estevez coaching troubled kids in the greatest sport in the world, hockey. You can’t beat that.

-Lance Lysowski, sports reporter

“Miracle” It’s awesome because it’s the ultimate underdog story. You feel connected to the USA team the same way you do to your favorite sports teams.

-Ashley Sepanski, sports reporter