How to stay safe, have fun tomorrow

Suzi Starheim

Wear bright clothes, don’t get too drunk

With large crowds flooding into Kent for the annual Halloween celebration, crime prevention specialist Alice Ickes said being smart is crucial.

“We see a lot of accidental injuries,” Ickes said. “People get lost in the moment, and with everyone walking across or next to the street, there is no room for error.”

Ickes said there are some very simple and important safety measures students should remember when having guests for Halloween or just when celebrating with other students:

&bull Provide food and non-alcoholic beverages for yourself and your friends. Having food in your system will help keep you warm and feeling good.

“With such large crowds, you can’t elbow your way into a bar or fast-food restaurant to eat,” Ickes said. “Alcohol shouldn’t be the focus of it. Focus on fun, not drinking.”

&bull Remember that temperature is often a big issue on Halloween weekend. Prepare for the cold when thinking about a costume.

&bull Avoid people who are behaving aggressively or inappropriately.

&bull “We do have a lot of extra police to deal with the large crowd, so a lot of times, everyone who seems to be involved in trouble is gathered up by the police,” Ickes said.

&bull Be able to see where you are going and make sure your costume allows you to be seen by others.

“Wearing a dark costume or all dark clothing contributes to danger,” Ickes said.

Ickes said it is usually a handful of incredibly intoxicated people who get themselves into trouble.

“People have to remember that this trouble can jeopardize their future in education and when they try to get jobs someday,” she said.

Ickes said in any party scenario, the people who leave the group usually end up in trouble.

“Halloween can and should be a lot of fun, but people have to keep their wits about them and stay sober enough to take care of themselves and their friends,” Ickes said. “Don’t drink to get drunk – take care of friends and stay together, too.”

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