Snow changes cross country team’s plans

Brian Thursby

Kent State will run at Bowling Green tomorrow

Snow accumulation caused the cancellation of the Penn State National Invitational cross country meet today, and a change of plans for the Flashes.

The Kent State cross country team scheduled to compete in the Falcon Invitational at Bowling Green as soon as the coaching staff heard the Penn State meet was canceled.

Coach Marc Croghan said the cancellation of the meet was a disappointment to the team.

“Certainly we go with the mindset (that) we want to compete, and you prepare

yourself for that,” Croghan said. “Whether you are a coach or an athlete there is some level of disappointment.”

Though unhappy with the weather, Croghan said the snow was a rare occurrence and agrees with the decision to end the race.

“It is a handful of races I can think of where I have seen snow on the ground,” Croghan said. “The conditions of the course given all the snow, some parts of the course would be pretty treacherous. I completely understand why they chose not to run.”