Hump Day Cheers and Jeers


&bull The U.S. House of Representatives for passing a bill that would expand the definition of violent federal hate crimes to include protection of crimes based on someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. We hope the Senate gives it the final seal of approval.

&bull Employers who still value internship programs and are able to pay interns. It’s hard to afford unpaid internships, but we all need the experience.

&bull Steve Dunwoody, a 2006 Kent State graduate who works in the Obama administration in the Department of Defense. It’s inspiring to see Kent State alumni with great careers.


&bull The Heene family in Colorado for the “Balloon Boy” hoax. The parents’ publicity stunt cost thousands of dollars and will subject their son Falcon to a lifetime of embarrassment.

&bull The current Kent State advising system. Most students leave advising meetings more confused than before. We hope the coming changes to the system will actually work.

&bull The media, who can’t stop obsessing over Jon and Kate Gosselin’s divorce, and to the Gosselins themselves, who should stop feuding in public for the sake of their children.