How to tell if a ‘crush’ is something more

Kayleigh Evans

Students give advice to those lost in lust

For senior marketing major Allyson McDougal, a “crush” is someone you like but “nothing deep.” Other students, however, think a “crush” is a little deeper.

“This ‘crush’ is someone you believe you have the potential of getting to know, just a little more than being attracted to someone,” sophomore music major Grant Gowen said.

Regardless of how you define a “crush,” everyone should be familiar with the phrase and the reasons why your crush may or may not be into you.

“If he kisses you on your forehead and takes you to meet his friends and family, he definitely is into you,” McDougal said. “Subtle signs will show. If your crush brings up something you guys have talked about, like your favorite color being yellow or favorite movie and actor, that means he/she actually was paying attention when you thought he was tuning you out.”

But no text or phone call for weeks on end could show signs of a loss, said senior sports administration major Obadiah Simpson.

“If I seen a girl I was into and she didn’t acknowledge me, then she probably is not into me,” Simpson said. “It would be more in the action of how we interact in person rather than over technology.”

Some women battle with knowing “if he is into you, or just trying to get into you.”

Natalie Capron, senior business management major, said, “If he only calls you after 12 a.m., then he is probably just trying to get into your pants, which most college guys are; he probably is not serious at all.”

If your crush doesn’t seem interested, McDougal said it may not end in a fairy tale, and it has to be done sooner than later.

“You really only have two choices, and one of them is absurd,” McDougal said. “Either you make him want you, which will probably not work, or hopefully, common sense will tell you to move on. If you take things to the next step with your crush – sex – then the chances of getting over them becomes slim.

“Simply just let your brain do that talking and your feet do the walking.”

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