Car and bike collision sends one to hospital

Suzi Starheim

Accident happened in high-volume area of Summit Street

An accident between a car and a bicyclist resulted in injury near the Student Center yesterday morning, said Lt. Robert Nation of the Kent State Police Department.

The bicyclist was evaluated and transported to Robinson Memorial Hospital by Kent City Emergency Medical Services, Nation said.

The extent of injury could not be released, but Nation said the bicyclist was “alert and conscious.”

Both the driver of the car and the bicyclist were students.

Upon receiving the 911 call, the Kent City Police Department was dispatched to the scene with the Kent City Fire Department.

University police received the call at 8:47 a.m. about an accident with injuries. Nation said the driver of the car was southbound on Risman Drive and the bicyclist was westbound on the sidewalk near Summit Street when they collided.

“This area is a highly congested traffic area during business hours and class change,” Nation said.

Sarah Weeks, sophomore anthropology and history major, said she drove past the scene of the accident shortly after it occurred.

“First I saw lights, and as I got closer I saw a police car parking in the drive area by Williams Hall,” Weeks said.

Weeks said she was surprised by the sight and had not seen anything like this on campus before.

“There was a car that was just about to enter the intersection with its blinkers on,” Weeks said. “To the right of the car was a kid sitting on the grass with his bike next to him.”

Weeks said while she wasn’t sure if it was the cyclist who collided with the car, the student looked alert and not badly injured.

Nation said considering the amount of traffic near the Student Center, students are good at being cautious.

“I have to give my hat to our students and drivers. They are patient and courteous and look out when traveling,” Nation said. “We all have to be cognizant of traffic. (The Student Center) is a major hub of commuters, bus pickup and drop-off and also the business center.”

No citations have been issued, and the driver of the car and several witnesses gave statements, Nation said.

The incident remains under investigation by university police, Nation said.

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