Obama: Still beating his war drum

It hasn’t taken long for Obama to show his true colors on foreign policy.

It seemed as if many votes were cast in his favor on the belief that he was some sort of “peace” candidate.

I never was fooled by his rhetoric because I knew his voting history and read his older speeches.

Obama was a warmonger, through and through.

It is sad that the American people had to choose between two men who were so horribly misinformed on foreign issues, but that was the option we were given.

However, Obama has left little doubt as to his violent intentions with his new chest-thumping rants toward Iran.

Speaking on Iran’s announcement that it is constructing a second uranium enrichment facility, Obama demanded the country come clean with its true intentions or face a possible U.S. attack.

Obama claimed Iran was breaking rules that all nations must follow. The United States is familiar with breaking rules other nations must follow.

We did it when we tortured and killed more than 30 prisoners.

Obama did it by refusing to prosecute people suspected of violating international law.

Even so, Iran has admitted that it is constructing a second uranium enrichment facility for purposes of providing energy to its people.

However, that does not mean the country is doing anything wrong.

The International Atomic Energy Agency requires the country to report these types of facilities six months before they are operational.

The current site is still a year away from being operational.

Therefore, contrary to Obama’s statement, Iran has not broken any rules.

The Iranian government also made it clear they would allow the IAEA to inspect the facility.

Also, the IAEA still admits there is no evidence of a nuclear program in Iran.

Even more important, according to CNN, the United States has known about this “new” facility for several years already.

And even with all the hot air coming out of Washington, the U.S. intelligence community still holds the position that Iran is not working on a nuclear weapons program.

Even more, according to Newsweek, Obama is consistently updated on the nation’s Iranian intelligence. So, it is clear that Obama is receiving the updates that tell him Iran is not working on a nuclear weapon.

However, his war rhetoric is still flowing rapidly.

Ironically, upon Iran following international law and reporting its construction of nuclear facilities as it is supposed to, the United States is still threatening them with violence and sanctions.

How should Iran disclose this information?

So far there has been no evidence found that shows Iran is working on nuclear weapons.

However, our leaders constantly impose sanctions and threaten Iran with violence if they do not turn over evidence of a nuclear weapons program that, all facts held constant, doesn’t even exist.

But, entertaining the idea that Iran might actually have nuclear weapons, would this be cause for huge alarm?

If you buy into our government’s “Pinky and the Brain” theory that states the Iranian government is purely evil and bent on world domination, it might be an alarming development.

If Iran is as crazy as the United States claims, they would not care that if they did use a nuclear weapon, they would soon be liquefied by a U.S. counterstrike.

However, judging by Iran’s history, they are not this absent-minded.

The last war Iran was involved in was the Iran-Iraq war, which was started by Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein in 1980.

It is important to point out that the United States backed Iraq in this war by providing them military weapons along with Iranian military intelligence. Therefore, the last time Iran was involved in an external conflict was when they were attacked by Iraq and the United States.

However, since 1980, the United States has been involved in more than 30 military forays.

We are currently involved in two wars, both of which are illegal under national and international law and were started by our own government against countries that had done nothing to us.

The United States currently has about 2,200 nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert: an arsenal that could end life on this planet.

Also, we are the only country to ever use nuclear weapons.

Our track record shows that our government is far more violent than Iran’s.

The above column was originally published Sept. 29 by the University of Mississippi’s Daily Mississippian. Content was made available by Uwire.