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Be responsible with drugs – avoid them entirely if you can

Last week, Teon Stallworth was arrested on campus for selling more than 50 ecstasy pills to an undercover police officer.

Drug use on college campuses is nothing new, but the way in which Stallworth was caught showed total arrogance and disrespect. If you find it absolutely necessary to sell or buy drugs (and we do not condone either under any circumstance), take it off campus property.

What students do in their own time is their own business. For that matter, what anyone does in their own time is their own business, but as soon as that person steps onto property that is not theirs – it becomes everyone else’s business.

The students sitting in the Student Center were just trying to eat a meal and talk to some friends in between classes and homework. Some students were studying and maybe cramming for tests. None of these students should have to worry about dangerous drugs being passed among people around them. They have more important things to worry about.

Of course, it is extremely na’ve to believe that Kent State is drug-free and that students don’t take part in recreational drug use. Responsible drug use is essentially an oxymoron, but for students who do choose to use illegal drugs, please choose not to involve anyone else. It may seem like nothing could ever go wrong in the buying, selling or using stages, but you never know. You put yourself in danger, and you put others in danger because of your choices.

Also remember, that if you choose to tangle yourself up in drugs – it is illegal. And illegal actions do have very legal consequences. None would be too happy to get arrested in front of his or her peers, romantic interest, teacher or anyone else for that matter. People remember faces – and you don’t want to claim a life-long place in a total stranger’s mind as being related to drugs.

Illegal drug use is never to be condoned or thought of as responsible behavior. But along with sex and alcohol consumption, drugs have their place in the American culture. That doesn’t make it right, however, and that doesn’t mean they belong at Kent State/

Be responsible and realize the consequences of your actions for both yourself and those around you. We all want to graduate, don’t we?

The above editorial was the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.