2009 Homecoming Court Candidates

Laura Cordle

Name: Jared Smith

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing

Campus Involvement: Director of Student Involvement for Undergraduate Student Government, President of USG Street Team, Order of Omega, Freshman Orientation Instructor, University Research Council, Interfraternity Council, Transportation Advisory Committee, Student Rights and Standards Committee, Movers & Groovers and Sigma Chi.

Favorite Thing About Kent State: “I love the campus and the people that make it, along with everything it has to offer – ranging from the new architectural designs to the black squirrels. It just adds character.”

Homecoming Court candidate Jared Smith accepted his nomination at the last second.

“The funny story is that I was actually nominated the last day it was due,” he said. “I accepted my nomination with great pride knowing that this is a perfect opportunity to give back to the organization that has given me so much.”

Smith has shown his Kent State spirit by participating in student activities, such as Undergraduate Student Government and Movers & Groovers.

Smith said he never thought of leaving Kent State because of the many things he loves – “the business program, the beautiful campus, and the friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Smith said he was honored to even be nominated for homecoming court.

“The real honor is being selected for homecoming court and sharing the experience with everyone else,” he said. “It’s just great to have the opportunity.”

With the excitement and support of his friends and family, Smith feels he could humbly and graciously represent Kent State.

“It is safe to say that Kent State is truly my home away from home,” he said.

-Laura Cordle

Name: Adam Patterson

Year: Senior

Major: Nursing

Campus Involvement: USG Director of Community Affairs, Vice President of Mortar Board, Kent State Ambassador, Campus Tour Guide

Favorite thing about Kent State: “I love the men’s basketball games. Kent versus Akron games are always exciting and stimulating. The feeling of euphoria after a victory is one of the best feelings you can have as a Kent State student.”

Adam Patterson is following in his brother’s footsteps as a candidate for homecoming king. Running was not in his plans, but now he wants to show how much he loves and supports Kent State.

“Running for Homecoming Court was not something I had planned until I was nominated by my sponsoring organization, Kent Student Ambassadors,” he said. “After being nominated I was truly honored and realized what it meant to be a member of the 2009 Homecoming Court.”

Patterson stays active on campus as director of community affairs for Undergraduate Student Government as the director and as an executive board member for Kent Student Ambassadors.

Patterson said Kent State’s atmosphere encouraged him to run for homecoming king after being nominated.

“The large university provided me with so many great opportunities; however, the feel here at Kent State is one of a kind,” he said. “There are so many new people to meet all the time, but I never feel overwhelmed with new faces because it has such a small-town feel.”

Patterson said he feels that being on homecoming court is the best way to give back to the university and is honored by his nomination.

“But having the opportunity to stand on the 50-yard line at the homecoming game with the other members of court still will be a moment I will always remember,” he said.

-Laura Cordle

Name: Ben Spott

Year: Senior

Major: Biotechnology

Campus Involvement: President of Order of Omega, Vice President of Scholarship for the Interfraternity Council, Ambassador for Hillel

Favorite thing about Kent State: “I like how everyone at Kent State is down to earth. Everyone has a positive attitude and just wants to make friends and enjoy their college experience.”

Homecoming Court candidate Ben Spott said he has “bled navy blue and gold” during the past four years, and he will continue supporting Kent State for the rest of his life.

Spott humbly accepted the nomination of homecoming court by his fraternity brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi.

“I truly believe that I have become a better man over the past three years. I now have an opportunity to give back to my university by representing the greater student body as a leader,” Spott said.

Spott has participated in numerous activities with both the university and in the community, from the Greek Association to Hillel, including donating blood twice every semester.

Spott said he’s never thought of leaving Kent State because friends, fraternity brothers and professors have supported him.

“I can’t imagine going to school anywhere else,” he said.

Spott said he thinks he would represent Kent State well because he has been in leader positions before. He was the Co-Greek Man of the 2008-2009 school year and has held the position of president and treasurer of his fraternity.

“If I do not win, I did not deserve to win and sincere congratulations are due to the winners,” he said.

-Laura Cordle