E-mail to faculty addresses revisions

Colin Morris

After Monday’s Faculty Senate meeting adjourned, Provost Robert Frank sent an e-mail to all faculty members addressing the Professional Standards Committee’s progress on developing revisions to the promotions and tenure policy.

“I am delighted to learn Professional Standards is making speedy progress on the revisions of the promotion and tenure standards,” Frank wrote. “Oddly, the President and I were informed your work would not be done until December. I am pleased it will be completed in November. I look forward to discussing your recommendations with the committee.”

Frank’s involvement with PSC was the subject of a resolution adopted at the meeting because the senate committee felt he was interfering with its work, an opinion expressed in an e-mail PSC Chairwoman Susan Roxburgh sent Monday morning.

According to the resolution, “the administration usurped leadership of the Professional Standards Committee in mandating a revision of the University Tenure Policy when this faculty senate committee is comprised solely of faculty members and does not recognize the Office of the Provost among its members.”

The Faculty Senate will discuss the proposed changes to the tenure and promotions policy at its Nov. 2 meeting.

Colin Morris