One small step for the Catholic Church

Sonali Kudva

The pope announced a move this week that many recognize as a move to unite and attract more followers into the Catholic Church. But has anyone looked at it as the Catholic Church beginning to realize that their priests, too, are sexual beings?

If this move to bring more Anglicans into the Catholic Church works, I would guess that the church would be biting off a lot more than it could chew. Think of all the ramifications of such a move. I could even picture a revolution among the Christian faith itself.

A unified church for one thing would be a stronger force to reckon with in these times of ideological warfare.

But more seriously to me, it appears that in doing this, the church has decided to realize how easy it is to succumb to modern temptations.

In today’s world scenario, there are temptations that arise everywhere. Science and technology have made sure that it is virtually impossible to ignore temptation. Giving in to it, well that depends on the individual.

But for a Catholic priest, this move will recognize that he, too, is human. He, too, can fall prey to folly.

The very basic tenets of Catholicism will be shaken by such a move, but the church has the potential, too, with such a move to bring itself into this century. The freedoms, the individuality and the rights that modern society allows for will finally enter the realms of religion. For surely once such a move is adopted, other things will soon have to enter the church.

This, my friends, is the good news for organized religion. In my tirade a couple of weeks ago, I stressed that it is important for one to make decisions on what faith works best for you. With such a move, I believe that the Catholic Church may in fact be recognizing that its followers have the rights and privileges to accept some tenets of its faith while rejecting others. So far these privileges have only been offered to those of the Anglican Communion.

This move will open doors to those of other denominations also asking for the same right. And slowly but surely, I can see the Catholic Church accepting this state of events.

So what should we say or do? I haven’t a clue. I’m not saying one way or another, except to watch and see what comes about.

But a change is coming, that’s for sure.

Sonali Kudva is a graduate journalism student and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].