HOW-TO HALLOWEEN: Two students turn bits and pieces into superheros

Jess Briganti

Yoder made Batman and Robin emblems from fabric and plans to pin them onto her and her friend’s costumes. She bought the fabric at Target and used the same fabric for both of their capes. Jessica M. Kanalas | Daily Kent Stater

Credit: DKS Editors

Costumes don’t have to cost $60 or come in one package.

Rita Yoder, sophomore fashion design major, took advantage of accessories she already had when putting together this year’s Halloween costume. Yoder’s best friend Casey Sandala, sophomore visual communications design major, also gathered clothes from other friends and had old costume pieces sent from home.

“We knew we wanted to be a duo,” Yoder said. “It was between Batman and Robin or Woody and Buzz Lightyear.”

After Yoder and Sandala decided to be Batman and Robin, they went to Chapel Hill’s Halloween store. There, they realized they wanted the actual boy version and not the short skirt versions that cost $50 to $60.

“We looked at a lot of pictures and there were so many versions,” Yoder said. “But we wanted to make it our own.”

They ended up not purchasing anything at the Halloween store, and spent about $20 each from two stores, Target and Hobby Lobby.

At the stores, they spent money on fabric and pieces of old costumes that were discounted.

Yoder said she bargained with Target’s customer service representatives for a child’s ninja turtle costume that had everything missing except the body suit. She got the suit for $4, and plans on cutting it up to make green leggings and matching green gloves.

The fabric, which is black on one side and gold on the other, was used to make their matching capes, which Yoder sewed in her dorm room. The two are also wearing matching black boots.

Sandala, who didn’t need to bargain with Target for a body piece, is using a black bodice that she once wore when performing in “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and black leggings she borrowed from a friend.

They said they liked making their own costumes and want to do it again next year.

The costumes are not completely finished, but will be ready in time for Saturday’s festivities, as they will be attending an Angry Michaelson’s concert in Cleveland, then coming back to Kent to hang out with friends and go downtown.

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