Your View: letters to the Editor

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In response to the Oct. 9 column, “What are guys supposed to do?” by Sonali Kudva:

“I think gender roles are getting blurred day by day. It’s the people who haven’t moved on that think that if a person from a particular gender doesn’t conform to gender ‘expectations’ he/she probably is gay/lesbian. When was there ever a set of rules that governed what we can or cannot do because of the gender we belonged to? It’s social conditioning. So whether a girl likes to fix cars, smoke a cigarette or burp out loud, or whether a guy is sensitive and refined and color co-ordinates for office, or gets a facial/mani-pedi or whatever else, it’s certainly no indication of anyone’s sexual preferences.

So what this guy is supposed to do is be confident of his own sexuality, and he will find a girl who likes him just the way he is.

And, yes, pink was the new black once upon a time, so anyone can wear it … equal opportunity for sure!”


In response to the Oct. 12 guest column, “Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 3” by Ty Linder:

“Kent Stater – wake up. This is only a good deal for the owners of the casinos. If you look at the projected operating earnings from these casinos it makes all four casinos worth $3-$3.5 billion. They are required to invest $1.2 billion for all four. The way these people have manipulated this situation to give themselves a monopoly in Ohio, that means we are simply voting on whether or not we want to give these two out of state companies $2 Billion. One of the companies is paying a much higher tax rate in Pennsylvania and is still making a ton of money, but for some reason Ohio doesn’t deserve as good a deal. They’re simply trying to take advantage of the bad economy to steal this business. There’s no way anyone should support this.”


In response to the Oct. 12 column, “The unifying power of pain” by David Busch:

“Dear David,

I read your article. In fact you are looking at things differently. Pain is a damn product of human greediness and foolishness. A few greedy people and governments are ruining the globe. They are looting resources and do not care about people living now and those who are born in future.

We feel agony of people suffering in developing countries. I think it would be difficult for greedy people to understand this suffering in western countries from where almost all pains are exported to developing countries.”


In response to the Oct. 14 guest column, “Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize” by Christopher Hook:

“I fully support the Nobel Prize committee in their decision. Mr. Obama proved that the world can become a united global village. Once again………. CONGRATULATIONS!”