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In response to the Oct. 16 column, “Is the GOP the party of God?” by Frank Yonkof:

“Frank, I completely agree with you! The priest at my parish essentially told us to vote for George Bush, too (which I didn’t, haha). There are Democrat viewpoints on crucial issues that one would think coincides with the beliefs of the Catholic Church. The point you make about the pro-life word choice is true too – if one is truly pro-life, then she or he wouldn’t support the death penalty or the war. So yes, pro-life really just means anti-abortion. Everything you said hits the nail on the head. Thank you for bringing up this topic and providing your insight.”

– Monica

In response to the Oct. 19 column, “Education is more than a symbolic picture,” by David Busch:

“While I am not a fan of these new murals (not in the least, ugh), I don’t think it would be effective marketing to portray the negative aspects of college. That wouldn’t go down too well with parents and potential students taking a tour through campus, plus we’d have current students complaining how the new posters are such a drag, etc.

Imagine this plastered on Bowman hall: “Procrastination.”

But yeah, I get what you’re saying. Good piece.”

– 🙂

In response to the Oct. 20 column, “It’s time to respect interracial marriages,” by Anastasia Spytsya:

“Well put. In a country that prides itself on the equities involved with marriage, it is a shame that something like this happened. I think it’s obvious that there are still those who feel strongly against the mixing of black and white together. Why? I couldn’t tell you. We are granted (both religiously and politically) the freedom of choice, which includes the choosing of a significant other. To deny somebody the religious and governmental bond that signifies togetherness is just plain wrong.”

– D3MO

In response to the Oct. 22 column, “Warning! New toys may create lazy kids,” by Eddie Kilroy:

“I wouldn’t call our generation ‘lazy.’ My mom, like so many others on my block, sent us all outside and refused to let us come in till dinner was ready. Though we did recreate epic Street Fighter battles in our backyard, my mom, as so many other responsible parents out there, knows the easiest way to get kids moving is remove access to the TV. Duh. Even if it means we ride our bikes up the street to Dairy Mart to play Street Fighter till we ran out of quarters. At least we rode our bikes there. The better message is: Take responsibility for your child/children and their life. No one else will.”

– we had video games.