Style Eye on Kent

Will Riddle


Credit: DKS Editors

When I think of great style, my thoughts always wander overseas. European tailoring, brilliant fitting and unique designs seem to get better and better every season. What people seem to overlook many times is great street fashion. It may not be what’s hot on the runways, but it lights up the nightlife and club scene around the world. Eclectic pieces full of vibrant colors paint the full spectrum of fun and youthful street-wear.

Style Eye’s focus this week is on Nanten, a 20-year-old English as a second language student from Japan. Nanten is easily recognizable on the street and club scene even around Kent, frequenting the “Trash Alley Disco” and “Hot Knees” at the Robin Hood. I sat down with Nanten to get more of the story behind foreign fashion culture.

Riddle: What would you say is your biggest fashion influence?

Nanten: From magazines, or fashion blogs showing pictures of girls in street style. My favorite magazine is So-En, which I can’t get here. I read it in the bookstores in Japan a lot.

WR: What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?

N: It’s my blue jacket I’m wearing now. I bought it at Topshop in Harajuku near Tokyo. You can see many crazy fashions in Harajuku – the people there can be so cool.

WR: Is there anything that Americans wear that you think is silly?

N: I don’t care about another girl’s style – style is free. It is individual. One thing I see though, in Japan … we would never wear tights without skirts. Never. I recommend that you never do that in Japan.

While I’m busy typing, Nanten randomly outbursts that she loves H&M, so I ask …

WR: Do you prefer Topshop or H&M?

N: Oh that’s hard. H&M is so cheap, but Topshop is so nice . Goodwill – you can get something for $3.

WR: One final question, what do you think about when you’re getting dressed in the morning?

N: It depends on what is the main item. Today my dress is the main item, so I chose things that go with my dress. My jacket is simple, with a scarf, and my dress has a pattern. Every day it’s different.

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